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P.zza Vanvitelli, 5 80129 Napoli

Ciao Vittorio

A great man and professional.

Vittorio began his career in Monroe, where he worked until 1996 as Regional Manager. It was during these years that he became known by the market, contributing to making Monroe shock absorbers become one of the most sought after products in the Aftermarket.

From Supplier to Distributor. Vittorio continued his professional experience moving to live in Rome to become Commercial Director of Zuccheri Ricambi, a well-known distributor for the Lazio region.

During the next 3 years Vittorio further enhanced his professional development, being able to experience from within both the reality of being a Supplier and also a Distributor.

At the end of 2000 it was time for Vittorio to take on a new challenge: manage a national consortium of regional distributors. This opportunity, which he seized immediately, would confirm Vittorio as being one of the most brilliant managers operating in the Independent Aftermarket.

7 regional distributors decided to create Idia Group, trusting Vittorio with the commercial management of the group and the leadership of the Point Service garage network project, which over the following decade would see the birth of over 2200 affiliated workshops bearing the project’s colours.

A remarkable achievement, still unmatched to this day, which rewrote the history of garage workshop concepts in Italy.

Novagroup is born, a consortium with Vittorio as the group’s CEO and Chairman, founded by 5 of the original Idia Group members and embarking on its’ new journey with courage and ambition. In a short period of time, Novagroup soon reached the limelight, becoming yet another example of Vittorio’s outstanding vision and creativity, and confirming how he is now perfectly placed in the role of group manager.
In 2015 the group created the Supernova garage concept, made up of the Supernova and Oncar by Supernova workshop networks. Again, within a few years Supernova became one of the leading and most represented garage projects in the country.

Causing great pain and sadness, on November 25th 2022, Vittorio Amura, our beloved Chairman and point of reference for the independent Aftermarket, prematurely passed away.

Vittorio was a fine man, recognised for his excellent managerial qualities. He led Novagroup skilfully and with unlimited passion, developing the group into a leading distribution organization, and at the same time making a significant innovative contribution to the independent repair market as a whole.

We will remember him for his far-seeing vision and foresight, for his tremendous professional ability, for his sensitivity and for his unique skill in forming relationships and building a team. We will feel his loss greatly, but we are sure his memory will remain alive and strong in the hearts of all of our group.

Ciao Vittorio.