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Announces the nomination to the position of Chairman of the consortium of Chris Hutchinson…

Novagroup Scarl today announces the nomination to the position of Chairman of the consortium of Chris Hutchinson, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Rimat srl, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Temot International.

All the shareholders and the Novagroup team are convinced that the new Chairman will be successful in steering the group through its future challenges, thanks to his experience and the skills he has developed during numerous years’ involvement in the dynamics of group leadership.
Chris Hutchinson said:
I am extremely happy to have been nominated by the Board of Novagroup to this new and important role. I am sincerely grateful to the Board members and to all the shareholders of Novagroup for the faith they have expressed in me.
Considering the very close relationship I had with Vittorio Amura, and everything we achieved together in the last 15 years, I am particularly proud to have been given this opportunity. I am delighted to be able to work with Alan Amura and all the shareholders and to continue to oversee the development of Novagroup as one of the leading distribution organizations of the Italian Aftermarket.
Novagroup scarl also announces that Alan Amura, Director of Novagroup, has been made responsible for the general management of the group, including Supplier relations.
Alan thus inherits the responsibility previously held by his father Vittorio Amura, previous Managing Director and Chairman of the Board until his recent premature and unexpected loss in November.
Remembered for his management skills and passion for his role, Vittorio Amura was instrumental in the creation and successful development of Novagroup, and throughout his career made a significant and lasting contribution to the Independent Aftermarket in general.
The Board of Novagroup unanimously approves the transfer of responsibility to Alan Amura, confident in his ability to continue the role previously carried out by his father.
Alan Amura said:
Firstly, I would like to publicly thank everyone for the messages of support and for the warmth shown to me over the last few weeks during such a difficult time. Vittorio left a mark in everyone’s hearts.
Obviously, I thank all of the Board of Novagroup for the trust they have placed in me and I am extremely proud to have been recognised with this responsibility. I am convinced that with their support, alongside that of Chris Hutchinson and the Novagroup team, the group will continue in its development. More than ever, the strength of Novagroup is founded on the strong bond between shareholders and management, the strong spirit of teamwork and group membership, and I’m sure this will enable the group to continue to flourish thanks to the continued shared strategy of cooperation and unity between its members.
Novagroup scarl also announces the nomination as Member of the Board of Cosimo Balenzano, Chairman of the Coopar consortium and Vice President of Fencar.
Chairman Chris Hutchinson and the rest of the Board welcome Mino to the team.