Supernova Project

Supernova Network / Oncar by Supernova

The “Officine“ Project



Novagroup S.c.a r.l. gives life in 2015 to the Supernova network, consisting of Supernova and Oncar by Supernova garages network.
It is an innovative and modern garage project that meets all expectations and needs of car repairers operating in the Auto and Heavy Duty sectors.

There are several content that will allow Supernova / Oncar members to have greater added value than their national competitors. Among these, we like to report the realization of a network property management, which will make machining processes more fluid and faster.

Particular importance has the custom web site that we will handle for each garage that will be adhered to in order to make their activity and skills more visible. Support activities to affiliated carpenters, co-ordinated by Novagroup and the 16 partners, are multiple and aim at the overall qualification of the independent mechanic.

Since technical training courses, roadside assistance, the use of Original Quality or Equivalent Spare Parts to the Original, legal protection, everything is taken care of in the smallest details.



61 partners 60 countries 4 continents

A strategic alliance

Novagroup in the world

An International partner

Novagroup is a member of TEMOT International.
A strategic alliance consisting of 61 members from 60 countries on 4 continents, which run more than 26 different garage projects with over 20,000 affiliated garages in Europe alone. The organization grew by 15% in 2016 and has a total turnover of over 10.65 billion euros.

TEMOT International is a leading Strategic Value Network operating in the Automotive Aftermarket industry. Internationally founded by 5 European companies in 1994, it has been continuously expanding all over the world ever since. With headquarters located near Düsseldorf, Germany, the organization today consists of 61 Shareholders spread all over Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

TEMOT International Shareholders are among the best and brightest automotive aftermarket organizations in their geographical area of operation. They all provide a comprehensive range of products, services, systems, and concepts.

They produce aggregate total revenues in excess of €10.65 billion, directly employ over 32,000 people, and maintain direct or indirect affiliations with more than 20,000 garages through various garage concepts.Regardless of their distribution models, all TEMOT International Shareholders pursue a common goal: sustainable, profitable growth through peak efficiency and optimized effectiveness.


The most advanced SW Management


A complete management software



Our software is available to all members of our Network. It’s an advanced software platform with a complete database for Auto and Truck. To give garage a complete, powerful and at the same time easy to use tool, with which the mechanics can handle their customers professionally.

– Spare parts database TecDoc;
– More than 600 spare parts brands to choose;
– More than 5,400,000 items;
– Over 3,800,000 illustrations;
– More than 67,500 types of cars;
– 61,000 types of lorries;

– Search via car plate number and chassis/VIN number
– Tec Manuals – Installation Instructions
– TecMa inteinance – maintenance plans
– TecAdjust – calibration values
– TecTimes – Templars with Calculation Systems